M.S.JSecurity Systems (Manakh Shebah Al-Jazeerah) found in 1991 owned by Mohammed Al-Ajlan Group of companies, which provides turnkey Security Systems, Solutions & Services throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries. Being a leading security solution provider we serve all government, commercial & privet sectors. MSJ have branches and offices in major cities of Saudi Arabia.
The Commitment:
We strongly believe in providing our clients with innovative, outstanding quality products that are competitively priced and always available to the local security market. One of our most important aims is to do whatever it takes to satisfy every client by providing fast turnaround on pricing inquires and other technical requests with the related supports and services. We will continue uphold introducing the most recent up- to-date technology and integration services, these are alwaysavailable to fulfill our client’s requirements.
Our mission is to continue as the leader in rapidly advanced security industry by providing most reliable products and services (quality products, strong management, and great services with an extensive historical experience in the business past years). Our mission is to introduce a professional and long term business relationship with the clients and continue growing and to having the capability to adapt the changing environments with new solution concepts.
Products and the Services provided:
MSJ has the advantage of high-quality industry leading products, which meets all the needs of our clients.  We are providing entire security solutions such as:
-         Latest Security Solutions & Design.
-         Access Control & Time Attendance Systems.
-         Biometric solutions.
-         CCTV & Remote Monitoring systems.
-         Metal & Contraband Detectors.
-         GPS Tracking Systems.
-         Intruder & Fire Alarm Systems.
-         Public Address Systems.
-         Anti Shop Lifting Systems.
-         Emergency Quick Alarm Systems.
Sales & Marketing:
Strong brand management is a core role of our marketing, and we achieve this through active participation in trade shows and conferences, through a good presence in electronic print media, and a professional range of print sale marketing tools.
The needs of Security:
The world is leading to utmost security awareness related to prime protection from violation incidents happening around our safety.
Government authorities and other private sectors are in urgent need for protection from violation and terrorist attacks, with ports, airports, hospitals, schools, embassies, intelligence research centers and other industrial facilities in every country are looking for security system protection. Crimes have increased in multiples around the world, making the approach to decrease crimes more and more intense. It is extremely necessary, prior to any further investment.
Customer Service:
We understood that there is no quality without having customer satisfaction and the customer service is essential of growing up the company. Therefore, MSJ has adopted many of actions that are won the consent of all its customers, without exception, especially in service after sales which differentiate us from others who is working in the same field. Our procedures are fully automated from drafting department to computer estimating programs. So, we are confident that our clients are very comfortable in dealing with our company due to many successful histories that made the relation stronger and profitable for every partner.
Our Team:
Through empowerment of the employees, we are able to build a durable base of talented individuals forming the foundation of our future. Their determination and dedication continues to contribute to the overall harmony of the MSJ family. We are glad and proud of speaking highly about our team. The team is highly educated and well trained due to the historical experience of our team with the capability to manage and handle all kind of projects.
Where to Meet:
You can meet us at various exhibitions in Saudi Arabia. Also, throughout our excellent showrooms which are located in each major cities. For more information, please visit our website at

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